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Fair and Festivals in Rajasthan Are Fun to Be A Part Of

Fair and Festivals in Rajasthan Are Fun to Be A Part Of

Rajasthan is the largest state of India and owing to its size, which is equivalent to Germany, it is rich in culture and tradition. Tourists coming to this place find it a very happening and colorful state. Rajasthan is famous for its various fairs and festivals where one can see the best of the state. When you decide for vacations at Rajasthan, do plan according to the timings of the different fairs so that you do not miss these colorful spectacles here.

Pushkar Fair / Camel Fair

The most famous one is the Pushkar fair that is popular amongst everybody. The Pushkar festival is celebrated in October or November every year, starting from the Kartik Shukla Ekadashi. It is a colorful and vibrant festival celebrated for 5 days till kartik Purnima. The small and attractive town of Pushkar becomes a center of attraction at the time of “Pushkar Mela”. It is the world’s greatest camel and cattle fair. Here, one can enjoy the vacations to the fullest.

This Pushkar fair is full of music and dance, people come to trade their wares, and one can also enjoy the body tattooing. The specialty of this fair is the complete range of textiles from all over the Rajasthan under one banner. The festival also presents some cultural shows, exhibitions and other competitions. There are also some competitions like “moustache”, “matka phod” and “bridal competition” etc. The Pushkar, in this time span, comes to life with thousands of tourists.

Elephant Festival

Elephant festival is celebrated in the state capital of the state, Jaipur. This festival provides an ecstatic view of the elephants walking on the ramp, all loaded with glitter and gold. You can enjoy the game of elephants playing polo etc. Additionally, the festival is a platform for Rajasthani folk tradition. This festival is the manifestation of the Jataka stories that talk about Buddhism. The elephant festival at Jaipur can be relished in the month of March, at the time of Holi that is the festival of colors of India.

Other Fairs and Festivals

Besides these two most popular festivals, there are many other fairs and festivals that should be appreciated while being in Rajasthan. These include Desert Festival at Jaisalmer, Gangaur Festival, Marwar Festival at Jodhpur, Camel Festival at Bikaner, Teej Festival at Jaipur, Nagaur Festival at Nagaur, Baneshwar Fair at Baneshwar, Mewar Festival at Udaipur, Urs-Ajmer-Sharif at Ajmer, and Summer Festival at Mount Abu. Every festival has its own importance. Each fair and festival has its roots in the history of the Rajasthan and these have been regained by the Rajasthan tourism; the official government of the state. You can find a festival related to every change of season and that is the beauty of this state.

These fairs and festivals in Rajasthan bring a new life to the place. Here, the tourists can plunge into the folklore of the state including the Rajasthanis clad in beautiful traditional costumes dancing to the traditional Rajasthani music. These fairs are also a good occasion for the shopping freaks. Tourists can find the ingenious costumes and handicrafts in the haats at these fairs.

Come to Rajasthan, see the various fairs and festivals, be a part of it and have a gala time of your life.

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Camel Festival


31-01 Jan.

18-19 Jan.

08-09 Jan.

26-27 Jan.

15-16 Jan.

4-5 Jan.

Elephant Festival


28 Feb.

19 Mar.

07 Mar.

26 Mar.

16 Mar.

05 Mar.

Pushkar Fair


13-21 Nov.

02-10 Nov.

20-28 Nov.

09-17 Nov.

01-08 Nov.

18-25 Nov.